Sunday, February 21, 2010

Catch Up On My Life

Oh my it has been so long since I posted here I just need to get all my friends caught up on what is going on in my life. Things are wonderful for me. In late September I started walking. I was sitting by daddy's feet and mommy was in the kitchen and I just got up and walked right in to her. It was pretty wobbly but I did it. Then I started doing it more and more. Now I run and play with my little sister Lacey, she knows I can't hear and she is my ears for me. She is also my eyes when I am outside. She guides me around the yard and since I can see a little bit she will wander off a ways but as soon as it is time to come into the house again she comes and gets me and I follow her in.

In January it was very sad at our house. My furbrother Dexter died. He was only 2. He tried to escape from a metal crate when mommy and daddy were gone and he got hung up in it and when he was struggling around to get out of it he bumped his head really hard and suffered from severe head trauma and the next day mommy held and rocked him as the vet helped him go to the rainbow bridge. We all miss him very much.

After Dexter died some of mommy's friends chipped in and got us a new puppy. Her name is D'Extra, but we call her Dexie. She is very cute and lots of fun. Lacey and I play with her all the time and we run through the house like crazy dogs.

Since the last time I wrote here, a lot of other good things have happened for me too. I used to get sad and scared every time mommy would go somewhere but now I don't care anymore because I know she will always come back home to us. I don't even have to stay in my crate when she is gone anymore because I don't tear things up because I am worried anymore. I get to run free in the house with all the other doxies.

I don't know if I ever told you all about my brother and sisters. We have 7 doxies in our house and one Bluetick coonhound. Sarah is the bluetick coonhound and she is very old. Sarah and I get special food with medicines in it every day to keep us healthy. The other doxies that live here are Lexie, who is 4 and has short red hair. Logan is 3 and has short red hair too. Pippin is 2 and has very long pretty red hair. Beatrix is white with black polka dot spots on her body. She is called a piebald. Her color is called a black and tan piebald. Then we have my best doggie friend in the whole world, and that is Lacey J. She is a black and tan dapple with short hair. Then I already told you about Dexie she is mine and Lacey's private play toy and we don't like to share her with the other doggies in the house. Dexie is also a piebald only she has red polka dots on her body. I love my family very much and they love me too. It is so nice to have so much love in my life now.

I wanted to post this video my mommy put together of pictures and videos of me from the time I came to live with her until about a week after I started walking. This is my healing journey video I hope you like it.

So much more has happened in my life that I will break it down into several posts to tell you all about it. The only other thing that I want to share with you right now is that my mommy is starting an official dachshund rescue up here in Kalispell Montana. I am actually the 5th dachshund she rescued last year. The 4 before me went to other forever homes but I got to stay here and have this be my forever home. After me mommy saved 12 more dachshunds and got them forever homes 9 0f them last year and 3 since the first of this year. She is in the process of doing all the paperwork to make it official with some guys called the IRS. She is calling the rescue Doxhaven Dachshund Rescue.

Well that is all for now, but I promise I will be more on the ball with keeping all my friends updated on what is happening in my life. So until next time...
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Your Furry Friend

Mira Bella

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  1. Miss Mira you are ever so lovely and I loved reading your blog. Can't wait to read more updates and tell Momma to pop some pictures up of your devine beauty so the world can see just how gorgeous you truly are. So wonderful that Momma is starting a rescue. We here in OR are quite proud of her and someday we hope to follow in her footsteps.

    *hugs n belly rubs* Sarah, Molly n BeBe too.


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