Sunday, September 19, 2010

Things haven't been so good for me lately

It has been a rough few weeks for me lately.  My sister Sarah the coonhound went to the Rainbow Bridge on September 7.  But I have been having some problems myself too.

It seems that in my life before I came here I also suffered from a traumatic head injury that caused some brain damage.  Because of this I have Psychomotor Seizures they are also called Complex Partial Seizures.  These are not the kind of seizures most people are familiar with.  When I have a seizure, I suddenly for no reason at all viscously attack one of my fursibs.  Mommy always gets me off them and then I run to my crate and ask to be let in.  Once I am in my crate, I just lay there trembling staring straight ahead.  It can take me anywhere from 15 minutes of over an hour to recover from these episodes.  At first mommy didn't know what was wrong, but I had an MRI yesterday and now they know so they can give me the proper treatment to help make me better. It was just horrible when this would happen because I had no control and it made me really scared when it would happen.

I have had these episodes ever since I came to this home but lately they had gotten much worse and on Wednesday morning I even attacked my mom.  It was a good thing she is experienced with dogs so she knew what to do to keep from getting hurt.  I am happy that now this won't be happening to my as much and hopefully not ever, now.

So now my mommy has to find a way to come up with the money to pay for the MRI I had yesterday.  :(  We are going to be doing a fundraiser on my facebook page and auctioning and selling different things on there so maybe you could stop by and check things out and if you see something you like you can buy it or make a bid on it.

Wiggles and licks

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Update on Me

Well Mom has been very busy now that she is going to college so she isn't keeping up with my blog for me. It is hard for me to do the typing since my paws tend to be a bit awkward on the keyboard.

Life has been good. We have had a cooler than usual summer but I have enjoyed the nice warm days and laying in the sunshine. We have been busy here mommy has had several dogs come through mommy's rescue and go to new homes and they are all happy in wonderful new forever homes now.

I thought I would share some pictures or our summer so far.  I hope you like them.

This is me and my sisters from left to right:

Lexie, Beatrix, Me, Lacey J and Dexie

This is me laying on mommy's bed.

Me Beatrix and Dexie playing on the deck

More of our deck escapades

Me on the deck with my big sister Sarah in the background. 

If you look really close in this picture you can see starting from Daddy's feet.. Lacey J, Beatrix, Dexie, only the tail on the steps is Dudley, then on the top step is from left to right, Logan, Cooper (a formerly paralyzed foster that mommy helped make well again) and me.

Another shot of all of us by the gate.

I hope you liked my pictures of our summer adventures so far.

Have a great day.

wiggles and licks to you all
Your furry friend
Mira Bella

Friday, May 28, 2010

My New Brother

I have a new brother now, his name is Cooper, his legs didn't work either but they are working now. He can walk pretty good. He is going to be getting "tutored" next month. I don't know what that means but mommy talked to her friend at the spay tutor clinic and they are getting him in for the next clinic which will be in June. Cooper is a nice guy and I am such a good sister that I even share my special bed with him at night. It is kind of nice to have someone to snuggle with at night. Mommy is working on getting some donations for us so we can have acupuncture in hopes that it will help with our incontinence.

We are doing good and even though mommy starts school in a bit over a week we are happy for her and hope that she does well. We promise not to shred paper all over the floor while she is at school if she lets us stay out of our crates....Well I promise, I can't say the same for Dexie, Lacey and Dudley because they are kind of ornery. ;P But I love them anyways.

Well that is all for now I will try and check in more often my friends.

Wiggles and licks
your doxie friend
Mira Bella VonderHeide

All My Pictures

Today I am going to post all my pictures that mommy has taken of me since I came to live with her.  I hope you enjoy them as many of them are kind of a documentary of my healing journey in my new home.

These pictures were taken in mommy hotel room in New Orleans the night she got me.  In the last one I was crying by the door for my old mommy to come back and get me.  I was very sad and scared.  I didn't know how wonderful my life was about to become.

Monday, May 17, 2010

New Videos of me

Mommy made this for me a couple weeks ago and is just finally getting it posted.  I hope you like it.

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Mira Bella

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I have a new brother coming on an airplane soon.

I am quite excited. Mommy has been talking about a new doxie coming to our family. His name is Cooper and he is paralyzed like I was. I know that me and my mommy can make him better. Mommy is going to help him do all the same exercises that I did. Plus since he can stand for a bit even now, mommy is going to let him use my old cart so he can play in the yard with me and the other doxies. I know he will be happy here and we will all love him lots.

Stay tuned for updates on Coopers progress.

Wiggles and Licks
Mira Bella

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Catch Up On My Life

Oh my it has been so long since I posted here I just need to get all my friends caught up on what is going on in my life. Things are wonderful for me. In late September I started walking. I was sitting by daddy's feet and mommy was in the kitchen and I just got up and walked right in to her. It was pretty wobbly but I did it. Then I started doing it more and more. Now I run and play with my little sister Lacey, she knows I can't hear and she is my ears for me. She is also my eyes when I am outside. She guides me around the yard and since I can see a little bit she will wander off a ways but as soon as it is time to come into the house again she comes and gets me and I follow her in.

In January it was very sad at our house. My furbrother Dexter died. He was only 2. He tried to escape from a metal crate when mommy and daddy were gone and he got hung up in it and when he was struggling around to get out of it he bumped his head really hard and suffered from severe head trauma and the next day mommy held and rocked him as the vet helped him go to the rainbow bridge. We all miss him very much.

After Dexter died some of mommy's friends chipped in and got us a new puppy. Her name is D'Extra, but we call her Dexie. She is very cute and lots of fun. Lacey and I play with her all the time and we run through the house like crazy dogs.

Since the last time I wrote here, a lot of other good things have happened for me too. I used to get sad and scared every time mommy would go somewhere but now I don't care anymore because I know she will always come back home to us. I don't even have to stay in my crate when she is gone anymore because I don't tear things up because I am worried anymore. I get to run free in the house with all the other doxies.

I don't know if I ever told you all about my brother and sisters. We have 7 doxies in our house and one Bluetick coonhound. Sarah is the bluetick coonhound and she is very old. Sarah and I get special food with medicines in it every day to keep us healthy. The other doxies that live here are Lexie, who is 4 and has short red hair. Logan is 3 and has short red hair too. Pippin is 2 and has very long pretty red hair. Beatrix is white with black polka dot spots on her body. She is called a piebald. Her color is called a black and tan piebald. Then we have my best doggie friend in the whole world, and that is Lacey J. She is a black and tan dapple with short hair. Then I already told you about Dexie she is mine and Lacey's private play toy and we don't like to share her with the other doggies in the house. Dexie is also a piebald only she has red polka dots on her body. I love my family very much and they love me too. It is so nice to have so much love in my life now.

I wanted to post this video my mommy put together of pictures and videos of me from the time I came to live with her until about a week after I started walking. This is my healing journey video I hope you like it.

So much more has happened in my life that I will break it down into several posts to tell you all about it. The only other thing that I want to share with you right now is that my mommy is starting an official dachshund rescue up here in Kalispell Montana. I am actually the 5th dachshund she rescued last year. The 4 before me went to other forever homes but I got to stay here and have this be my forever home. After me mommy saved 12 more dachshunds and got them forever homes 9 0f them last year and 3 since the first of this year. She is in the process of doing all the paperwork to make it official with some guys called the IRS. She is calling the rescue Doxhaven Dachshund Rescue.

Well that is all for now, but I promise I will be more on the ball with keeping all my friends updated on what is happening in my life. So until next time...
Wiggles and Licks
Your Furry Friend

Mira Bella

Sunday, August 23, 2009

My therapy

I just want to take some time and let all my friends in cyberspace know what me and my mommy do 5 days a week. We take weekends off because she thinks we both need a rest after out busy week. We get up between 6 and 6:30 am and mommy takes off my diaper and jammies and lets me run nakey butt through the house for awhile. That is just about my favorite time becasue I really really really hate to wear my diapers. I grumble and growl at mommy when she puts them on but that is just to let her know that I do not want it on me. Then we go to mommy's bathroom and mommy gets ready for her day and puts her fur on. Then we all (me, mommy and all my fursibs) go to the front room where mommy turns on the tv for the news and starts doing her chores. First she fills up both of our inside water dishes, then she feeds the fishies. After it is fishie food time comes the next best part of the day and that is doxie food time. She puts down the food for all the others because they free feed, and then she makes my special food for me, she squishes some pills up in my food to help me get healthier and she also adds some wonderful supplement to my food called OPC and if you have an elder doggy or a sick one you should do a search on it because it is fantastic stuff and has made my older sister Sarah the coonhound feel young again. Anyways back to MY food. Then mommy takes my kibble and mixes in a bit of canned food with it and adds hot water and stirs it all up to make a yummy gravy, then she puts it in my special bowl and stirs up all the pills and supplements in with my food. Then she brings my special bowl to my crate and opens the door and I zoom right in because I am always hungry and mommy gives me my bowl of food and shuts my crate door. I am kind of a slow eater so mommy lets me take my time and when I am done she takes my bowl and washes it out and puts it up until dinner time.

Then she gets on her puter and checks stuff out. After she is done checking puter stuff out it is exercise time for me. We always start out with water therapy, mommy puts my life jacket on me and fills up the bathtub with nice toasty warm water. She puts me in it as it is filling up and I sit there until it gets deeper and then when my life jacket makes it so my feet just barely touch the bottom of the tub mommy has me walk around. She also makes waves for me to learn to adjust my balance every once in awhile. She used to fill it deeper and I would swim but one day just all of the sudden I freaked out when I couldn't feel the bottom of the tub under my feet anymore. Mommy thinks that day is when I finally got complete feeling back in the bottoms of my feet but she doesn't know for sure and I ain't telling. hee hee hee We do that for 45 whole minutes then I get out and mommy dries me off in a fluffy warm towel that she had put in the dryer so it would be toasty warm for me. After that comes a bad part, we go to my changer table that Auntie Chrystine got for me and mommy puts my dumb old diaper on me, but after the icky diaper gets on I get to put on one of my very cute onesies to keep me warm, AND to keep my from tearing my diaper off. Then mommy used to carry me to the living room but now that I can walk again, I walk to the living room with my fursibs. Then I lay in the chair by mommy and take a little nap, after being down for so long I get tired and worn out pretty easily.

After I have snoozed for about 30 minutes or so mommy wakes my up and takes me on her lap and gives me the most delightful massage. She does that for nearly an hour because she spends extra time working on my back legs to stimulate the muscles and nerves there for me. Then I get down and go get a drink of water. Sometimes after that I will go play toys with my puppy doxie sister Lacey and other times I just want to lay by mommy some more.

Then at about 1:00 I get to go outside and play in the yard for 30 minutes. I love that. I never got to go outside at my old home and there are so many delightful smells outside. I like my first trip outside of the day because mommy takes my onesie and diaper off and lets me go nakey butt. I LOVE to roll in the grass. My fursister Lacey always sticks very close to me when I am outside because she thinks she needs to take care of me. We are very special friends. I love all my fursibs but Lacey is my favoritest. Although I must admit I have a bit of a crush on Dexter, he is a very handsome lonnghair chocolate piebald and I kind of make a fool of myself over him when I am near him. Sometimes I bug him a bit too much and he will jump up on a chair where I can't reach him. That makes me bark.

After I come in from outside it is back up on mommy's chair for another nap. When I wake up mommy and I go back to the changer table again and I get another icky diaper on me and my onesie back on, then we start my exercises, I have several exercises that I do with my legs for the next 30 minutes. My favorite ones are where I lay on my side and mommy will push against my feet and I will push back against her hand with my feet. She does this one foot at a time and I think it is kind of fun to do this one because I can push harder and harder all the time with my feet now. Another one that I really like is I will lay on my back with all my feet in the air (I like to lay on my back too) and mommy will take my back legs and move them in little circles she says it is like I am riding a bike. I like that one too because it always ends with the most glorious tummy rub for me.

After this mommy makes my dinner for me and I have my dinner in my crate. After mommy gets my dinner dishes all washed up I lay on her lap for another hour long massage with extra work on my back legs again. This time when I get my massage because my tummy is all full to I get so relaxed that I fall into the nicest sleep ever.

Then in the afternoon I get to go outside again but only for about 15 minutes this time and it isn't as much fun for me because I don't get to be nakeybutt this time. But I still love my outside,

I have to say it is so nice to be loved and cared for so very well. And to think my former owner was going to have me killed because I couldn't walk. I guess we all know better now don't we.

Now my mommy is trying to save up so that we can start accupuncture treatments for me so that hopefully I will not have to wear diapers anymore. It is pretty expensive though so we are hoping for yet another miracle for me so that this can happen too.

In my next post I am going to just put up a whole bunch of pictures and videos that mommy has taken of me.

Wiggles and licks, your furry friend, the community doxie

Mira Bella

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Look What I Did Today

Mommy is still teary-eyed after this."]YouTube"]YouTube

I am doing so much better.

I will come back later and tell about everything my mommy and aunties did for me to make this happen.

Wiggles and Licks
Your furry friend
The community doxie
Mira Bella

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mommy Is Frustrated

Mommy had a bad day yesterday. She and her neighbors are having a yard sale and mommy sold her special car a 1967 Dodge Coronet that she has had for 13 years that was a restoration project car that she was going to make nice and pretty someday. Anyhow she sold her special car to get a new cart for me that was on Ebay. She sold it for 100.00 because the new cart was 89.00 plus 15.00 for shipping. Then yesterday the alternator in daddys car broke and it cost 178.00 to get a new one, so mommy had to spend her car money on that for daddy and it still cost more money than she had so she is hoping to sell some more stuff today so that it will be covered and not take away from the bill money.

I do have a cart right now that I can use in the house but my doggie doctor says that since I am trying to walk on my hind legs I need a cart that is higher in the hind end so my legs can hang down and I can walk my back feet as I go along. My new cart is a bit short for that and if my feet aren't in the stirrups they will drag. I think mommy measured me wrong or something. I love my new cart though and go zooming through the house like a little maniac when I am in it. Mommy is also hesitant to let me take it outside very much as we don't have sidewalks and the ground is pretty rough in our yard. So hopefully things will work out and mommy can get me a different one for outside and for walking work.

Daddy recently had a huge change in his income with the way his job is going and their income went down by nearly 500.00 a month so mommy redid the budget and made some big cutbacks in spending and the only luxury thing they are have now is satellite tv because where they live if they don't have satellite tv they have no tv at all.

Fortunately the neighbors that are doing the yard sale have so much stuff that they are going to do it every weekend in August so mommy is going to get a bunch more of her stuff ready for next weekend.

Now about yard sales. I think I like them. I got to sit outside in my stroller or on mommy's lap all day long and watch the people come and go. It was very interesting and I met lots of new friends who thought I was very special and cute. I was wearing my doggles so that the light didn't hurt my eyes and they had to ask why I was wearing them so they all got a mini informational speech on puppymills, bad breeders and double dapples. I got lots of pets and scratches while they asked about me. It was a wonderful day to be me.

Our neighbors have a cocker spaniel girl named Casey that came over and played with my fursibs during the yard sale and they had lots of fun too, but they didn't get all the pets and scratches I did.

I am doing very good and am happier every day. My one foot is totally healed up now and only needs to grow fur on it again. Mommy wonders if fur will ever grow back because the injury was so bad. The other foot is nearly healed up too it only has a sore about the size of a pencil eraser now rather than the whole entire side of my foot.

I go see my doggy doctor on Tuesday and we are going to talk about starting accupuncture treatment and more vigerous adequan injections. Before I was only getting one shot a week and this time we will do two a week so that I will get even better. My Auntie Irma is paying for my adequan injections so that I can get them so I want to give a very special thank you kiss to my Auntie Irma. Mommy has talked to my doggie doctor about the accupuncture and they will let her make payments on them so I can get started on them too. I am very excited about all of this because I know it will help me to be able to walk again.

Wiggles and licks
your furry friend and community doxie
Mira Bella

Friday, July 31, 2009

Auntie Chrystine Comes To Visit Me

Last Friday was a very exciting day at my house because Auntie Chrystine came all the way from the west coast to visit me. It was very exciting and I had lots of fun. She brought me the most beautifullest baby changer table so that mommy can help me do my exercises, change my diapers, take care of my feeties, and dress me in all my cute new onesies and clothes that I have gotten from her and all my other Aunties.

She also brought me an X-Pen so that I didn't have to be locked up in a tiny little crate, since I really don't like them very much. My furbrother, Dexter who is afraid of all people he doesn't know loved her the second he saw her, he was all over her and would love on her and even let her see his tummy the very first night she was here. He is not like that with other people so that is a sign of just how very special our Auntie is.

On Saturday Auntie Chrystine and mommy went and did some retail therapy (that is what Auntie Chrystine calls buying me presents). I think I could really get to like this retail therapy stuff. She got me more onesies and matching sockies and so many cool things. I even got some hooman baby diapers because the doggy ones made my legs sore. She got me some very cute baby outfits with matching panties to them.

Saturday evening Auntie Chrystine took mommy and daddy out to dinner and mommy left me in my new X-Pen and I was a very bad girl. I got sad and scared because my mommy was gone and I chewed a HUGE hole in mommy and daddy's livingroom carpet. It was right in the middle of the floor too. (oops I say) Mommy and daddy love me so much I didn't even get in trouble for it, mommy just said it was her fault for not putting my in the nasty little crate. To make up for it though because after mommy came home I realized that she would not leave me alone forever and I wanted to make up for destroying her carpet, I took 3 steps on my back feet. Mommy cried about it when she went to bed that night because she was so happy for me. Since that night I have done it a few more times and now I even try to stand on my back feet when I am getting a drink of water too. I think mommy is helping me to get better.

When Auntie Chrystine had to go home on Sunday it was way too soon and her and mommy both got wet eyes about it, then they laughed. We are hoping that she will come back Labor Day weekend for another longer visit.

Wiggles and licks
The Community Doxie
Mira Bella

Mira's Angels

Hi all my friends out there in cyber-land. Mommy is sorry that she has been so slow in updating my blog and we have lots to tell you. She has been very busy this last week getting ready for a yard sale and babysitting the grandkids. Now on to ME.

Today I want to tell you all about some very wonderful people who have come together to help my mommy help me get better.

I want to start with My Auntie Morgan who is the one that set it all in motion by posting about me on the most wonderful dachshund site in the world DBB. Here is the link you should check it out sometime if you get the chance.

Next I need to thank my Auntie Betsy who donated her flyer miles to get my mommy to New Orleans to get me and get us both back home. She also got mommy a hotel room to stay in for the night so I could come to be with her.

Then is my Auntie Chrystine who made more then generous cash donations and also got me a super pretty changer table so mommy could change my diapers, exercise me and get me dressed every day. My Auntie Chrystine also came to visit me last weekend but I will tell more about that in another blog.

Auntie Irma who designed and made me the most wonderfullest scoot sack I have ever seen. It fits me like it was made for me. Oh yeah, it was. hee hee hee. Auntie Irma also send us some wonderful toys to play with and some very cute dresses for yours truly. I look absolutely divine in them. I know because Mommy tells me so.

My Auntie Jackie also sent me a most wonderful care package with lots of great things for me to wear and to help my feets get better. She also has some super little sleep sacks on the way for me that I am very excited about getting.

Auntie Ruthi made me some of the most beautifullest dresses you have ever seen. I wear them on special occasions like when I go to see the vet or if I have company come over to my house.

Auntie Southwind also sent me some wonderful presents and I think my favotitest ones are the soft fabric pads for the leg stirrups to my new cart so that my already tender legs don't get hurt any more.

I can't leave out Uncle Wayne at DDSG carts who made me my wonderful little cart so I can zoom around with all my fursibs.

Now to all my special Aunties that have contributed financially to help me to get home and healthy I want to send my licks and wiggles to you: Auntie Chrystine, Auntie Dolores, Auntie Wendy, Auntie Tammy, Auntie Suzanne, Auntie Joanne, Auntie Pamela, Auntie Morgan, Auntie Amy, Auntie Betsy and Auntie Colleen.

Thank you all so much for helping to give me such a wonderful life. If we have neglected to mention anyone it is not on purpose, mommy has been trying to keep a record of all who have helped but sometimes things get hectic and scattered a bit so if we left you out we are terribly sorry and you are much appreciated.

Wiggles and Licks
The Community Doxie
Mira Bella

Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Rescue

There were a lot of people who made my rescue possible and I will mention them all by name in my next post that will be called Mira's Angels, they will all be mentioned because I want everyone to know what wonderful angels I have that have helped to save my life and to give me a good future.

I think here I should also tell you a bit about my hooparents. Hoomom is a self employed doggy trainer and a certified doggy massage therapist but with the economy in the area she lives she hasn't worked in almost a year. Hoodad had been laid off from his job for 9 months and just went back to work a month ago. They were living on hoodad's unemployment and while it kept the bills paid there were no extras so in order for them to take me in, hoomom was going to sell her car and drive the old truck so they could afford the care I would need.

Before I can tell you how I was rescued I have to tell you about Daphne. My hoomom is a member of a dachshund message board with lots of wonderful people. In April someone posted a thread about a dachshund girl on Craigslist that someone was willing to trade for a sewing machine. Can you imagine that? Trading a pet that loves you for a stupid sewing machine. Well my hoomom saw a picture of the pretty little doxie girl and had to help her so with the help of some of the people on this dachshund site the sewing machine these people wanted was purhased on Ebay and once it arrived, hoomom and hoodad drove 1200 miles round trip to get this doxie girl. Her name was Daphne and she was a very sweet pretty girl. Daphne ended up going to a forever home with a nice lady named Morgan. Now that you know about Daphne and Morgan I can tell you how I was rescued.

Morgan is on Facebook and was friends with this girl she used to go to highschool with (my old owner). Anyways this person posted on Facebook that she was going to have to have her dog put to sleep because it was paralyzed and her kid was mean to it and would sit on it and drag it around by it's ears and tail. Yes that is me the one that got sat on and dragged around. So she asked the person to give her a chance to find the dog a home. She posted about me on the dachshund site and everyone started contacting rescues, but with the bad economy all the rescues are full and there were no available foster homes. So my new hoomom said that if a way could be found to get me to Montana from Louisiana she would take me.

People on the site started making donations to get me transported on an airplane to Montana. My hooomom set up the flight for me and thought everything was going great. That same afternoon she got a phone call from the airlines that said there was an embargo on shipping pets so I could not fly to her. She posted this on the doxie site and a wonderful person came forward and volunteered her flyer miles to fly my hoomom to New Orleans and back to get me. Originally it was planned for hoomom to fly down get off the plane, get me and get back on another one and come home all in one day but the amount of time between the arriving flight and the one leaving did not give her enough time to catch the one going back home so she had to spend the night in New Orleans. This same person then got hoomom a hotel room so she had somewhere to stay for the night.

Once hoomom got to New Orleans my old owner brought me to her at the hotel she was staying at. I was very scared and worried as I didn't understand how much better my life was about to become. Once I had been there for awhile hoomom gave me a most wonderful massage and it just made me feel so loved and relaxed that I knew I had found a friend.

That night in the hotel hoomom kept putting me in a crate and I did not like it. I started screaming and crying and threw myself against the sides and door of it trying to escape and hoomom was so scared I was going to hurt myself. Then the next morning she tried it some more and I still tried to escape. I was scared and didn't understand that it was to make things better for me. So anyways hoomom was talking to one of her friends on the computer and told her what was happening and said she was going to get some benadryl that would make me drowsy and hopefully settle down in the crate.

Well her friend did an internet search and found a vet right around the corner from the hotel. So hoomom called them and they said they would get me in right away. With the time of my vet appointment it left hoomom very little time to get me checked into the airplane and get a seat so I could be up against the wall rather than on the aisle so if someone in our row had to potty they wouldn't kick my crate. So hoomom went down to the desk at the hotel and asked them if they could take us and her luggage to the vet and then pick us up there and take us to the airport. She told them she would be more than happy to pay for it so that she didn't have to carry me in my crate, her carry-on with supplies for me and her suitcase to the vet and back. The did it free of charge since they thought she was doing such a nice thing by helping me.

When we got to the vet they gave me some special pills to make me calm. Hoomom gave me one and then the nice man at the vets office said that she didn't have to pay for the office visit because she was doing such a nice thing by helping me. So instead of having to spend over 100 dollars for an emergency office visit she only had to pay 9 dollars for the pills he gave her for me. The pills did make me calmer and I no longer screamed and threw myself up against the crate but I did still cry, whine and bark.

We got to the airport and got all checked in and got a window seat so that my crate wouldn't get kicked. I was still crying in my crate and hoomom was afraid they wouldn't let me on the plane because of the noise I was making. Well they let me on and once my crate was put on the floor the vibration of the motors in the airplane lulled me to sleep and I slept all the way to Denver where we had to get on another plane to come to Montana.

We made it home safe and sound and I met my new fursibs and my hoodad.

In my next post called Mira's Angels I am going to tell you about all the wonderful people and places that were key in saving my life and getting me to my wonderful new home.

Wiggles and lick
your furry friend
Mira Bella

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Story

As I mentioned in my first blog. I am partially paralyzed. My back legs don't work and I have no bladder or bowel control. They function normally but I do not know when I am going potty, it just kind of comes out on it's own.

I was originally injured on or about February 8 of 2009. My new mommy knows little of what actually happened to me but my new doggy doctor says that it is a traumatic injury to a vertebrae in my spine. It is all deformed now, and if it would have been treated properly when I was originally injured I would be fine now. I lived in a home with a toddler that would sit on me and drag me around by my long pretty ears and my tail so it is no wonder I was injured.

I spent the next several months wearing diapers and dragging my broken hind end around behind me but I never lost my spririt or determination. I ended up with horrible sores on my hind feet. On one of my hind feet the skin and muscle tissue was so rubbed off you could see part of my bone. I now have a bone infection in that leg. I am on very strong antibiotics to hopefully clear it up.

I also mentioned previously that I was wearing diapers. My diapers were left on me for too long and were put on too tight and left very nasty wounds on the insides of my thighs.

I was was not being fed a very good dog food and with my system being compromised as it was by the wounds, paralyzation and infection from the wounds I lost alot of weight. I was over 4 pounds underweight. Some say that 1 pound in a dog is equal to 20 pounds in a person so if I was a person I would be 80 lbs underweight. That is not a very good condition to be in when you are as small as me. My spine was protruding upwards and visible for a good 1/2 inch and you could clearly see every one of my ribs.

In my next blog I will tell you about the very special angels that saved my life and tell you about how they did it.
Wiggles and licks
Your furry friend
Mira Bella

Mira's first blog

Hi I am just getting to introduce myself right now but later on I will tell you my story. It is a sad one but it has a wonderfully happy ending because I have a new family that loves me very much and are doing lots to help me have a full life.

My name is Mira Bella. My name used to be Honey but my hoomom decided that with my new life I needed a new name and since it was a miracle the way we were brought together she decided that I should be called Mira which as you can plainly see is short for Miracle and my middle name is Bella which means beautiful. Because to my hoomom I am her beautiful miracle.

I am a paraplegic miniature double dapple dachshund that is 3 years old. I have only been down (partially paralyzed) since February 8 2009. I am also deaf but don't let my disabilities fool you, I am a very happy girl and have a wonderful life. I have no concept that I am different from the other doxies that live in my home.

I will tell you my story in my next post. So until next time...wiggles and licks Mira Bella