Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mira's first blog

Hi I am just getting to introduce myself right now but later on I will tell you my story. It is a sad one but it has a wonderfully happy ending because I have a new family that loves me very much and are doing lots to help me have a full life.

My name is Mira Bella. My name used to be Honey but my hoomom decided that with my new life I needed a new name and since it was a miracle the way we were brought together she decided that I should be called Mira which as you can plainly see is short for Miracle and my middle name is Bella which means beautiful. Because to my hoomom I am her beautiful miracle.

I am a paraplegic miniature double dapple dachshund that is 3 years old. I have only been down (partially paralyzed) since February 8 2009. I am also deaf but don't let my disabilities fool you, I am a very happy girl and have a wonderful life. I have no concept that I am different from the other doxies that live in my home.

I will tell you my story in my next post. So until next time...wiggles and licks Mira Bella


  1. Hi Mira

    We watched the progess of your rescue and the amazing story of how your new mom came get you. When our mom figures it out, we wil be followers of your blog

    Love from Heidi, Valentin, Pogo, Stanley and Daisy Mae

  2. Poor little Mira!! So much sadness in her story but she has a good Hoomommy now and soon,hopefully she will get all better!!

    Love from Rosiebutt(LOL) and Beaumont

  3. Just wanted that pretty Mira to know.. that she is very loved, and that I'm so glad she has a grat home.
    Love you
    Auntie Irma

  4. Just wanted to tell Mira that she is looking good in her wheels. GO Mira, GO...
    Luv Auntie Irma


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