Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Story

As I mentioned in my first blog. I am partially paralyzed. My back legs don't work and I have no bladder or bowel control. They function normally but I do not know when I am going potty, it just kind of comes out on it's own.

I was originally injured on or about February 8 of 2009. My new mommy knows little of what actually happened to me but my new doggy doctor says that it is a traumatic injury to a vertebrae in my spine. It is all deformed now, and if it would have been treated properly when I was originally injured I would be fine now. I lived in a home with a toddler that would sit on me and drag me around by my long pretty ears and my tail so it is no wonder I was injured.

I spent the next several months wearing diapers and dragging my broken hind end around behind me but I never lost my spririt or determination. I ended up with horrible sores on my hind feet. On one of my hind feet the skin and muscle tissue was so rubbed off you could see part of my bone. I now have a bone infection in that leg. I am on very strong antibiotics to hopefully clear it up.

I also mentioned previously that I was wearing diapers. My diapers were left on me for too long and were put on too tight and left very nasty wounds on the insides of my thighs.

I was was not being fed a very good dog food and with my system being compromised as it was by the wounds, paralyzation and infection from the wounds I lost alot of weight. I was over 4 pounds underweight. Some say that 1 pound in a dog is equal to 20 pounds in a person so if I was a person I would be 80 lbs underweight. That is not a very good condition to be in when you are as small as me. My spine was protruding upwards and visible for a good 1/2 inch and you could clearly see every one of my ribs.

In my next blog I will tell you about the very special angels that saved my life and tell you about how they did it.
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Mira Bella

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