Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mommy Is Frustrated

Mommy had a bad day yesterday. She and her neighbors are having a yard sale and mommy sold her special car a 1967 Dodge Coronet that she has had for 13 years that was a restoration project car that she was going to make nice and pretty someday. Anyhow she sold her special car to get a new cart for me that was on Ebay. She sold it for 100.00 because the new cart was 89.00 plus 15.00 for shipping. Then yesterday the alternator in daddys car broke and it cost 178.00 to get a new one, so mommy had to spend her car money on that for daddy and it still cost more money than she had so she is hoping to sell some more stuff today so that it will be covered and not take away from the bill money.

I do have a cart right now that I can use in the house but my doggie doctor says that since I am trying to walk on my hind legs I need a cart that is higher in the hind end so my legs can hang down and I can walk my back feet as I go along. My new cart is a bit short for that and if my feet aren't in the stirrups they will drag. I think mommy measured me wrong or something. I love my new cart though and go zooming through the house like a little maniac when I am in it. Mommy is also hesitant to let me take it outside very much as we don't have sidewalks and the ground is pretty rough in our yard. So hopefully things will work out and mommy can get me a different one for outside and for walking work.

Daddy recently had a huge change in his income with the way his job is going and their income went down by nearly 500.00 a month so mommy redid the budget and made some big cutbacks in spending and the only luxury thing they are have now is satellite tv because where they live if they don't have satellite tv they have no tv at all.

Fortunately the neighbors that are doing the yard sale have so much stuff that they are going to do it every weekend in August so mommy is going to get a bunch more of her stuff ready for next weekend.

Now about yard sales. I think I like them. I got to sit outside in my stroller or on mommy's lap all day long and watch the people come and go. It was very interesting and I met lots of new friends who thought I was very special and cute. I was wearing my doggles so that the light didn't hurt my eyes and they had to ask why I was wearing them so they all got a mini informational speech on puppymills, bad breeders and double dapples. I got lots of pets and scratches while they asked about me. It was a wonderful day to be me.

Our neighbors have a cocker spaniel girl named Casey that came over and played with my fursibs during the yard sale and they had lots of fun too, but they didn't get all the pets and scratches I did.

I am doing very good and am happier every day. My one foot is totally healed up now and only needs to grow fur on it again. Mommy wonders if fur will ever grow back because the injury was so bad. The other foot is nearly healed up too it only has a sore about the size of a pencil eraser now rather than the whole entire side of my foot.

I go see my doggy doctor on Tuesday and we are going to talk about starting accupuncture treatment and more vigerous adequan injections. Before I was only getting one shot a week and this time we will do two a week so that I will get even better. My Auntie Irma is paying for my adequan injections so that I can get them so I want to give a very special thank you kiss to my Auntie Irma. Mommy has talked to my doggie doctor about the accupuncture and they will let her make payments on them so I can get started on them too. I am very excited about all of this because I know it will help me to be able to walk again.

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Mira Bella


  1. Mira - so sorry about daddy's car taking your cart money... I'm sure you have a fairy dogmother looking over you though - it will work out!!

    We love you!!
    Auntie Chrystine

  2. Just wanted to say Hi and we love you--check will go in the mail on Monday..
    Auntie Irma


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