Friday, July 31, 2009

Auntie Chrystine Comes To Visit Me

Last Friday was a very exciting day at my house because Auntie Chrystine came all the way from the west coast to visit me. It was very exciting and I had lots of fun. She brought me the most beautifullest baby changer table so that mommy can help me do my exercises, change my diapers, take care of my feeties, and dress me in all my cute new onesies and clothes that I have gotten from her and all my other Aunties.

She also brought me an X-Pen so that I didn't have to be locked up in a tiny little crate, since I really don't like them very much. My furbrother, Dexter who is afraid of all people he doesn't know loved her the second he saw her, he was all over her and would love on her and even let her see his tummy the very first night she was here. He is not like that with other people so that is a sign of just how very special our Auntie is.

On Saturday Auntie Chrystine and mommy went and did some retail therapy (that is what Auntie Chrystine calls buying me presents). I think I could really get to like this retail therapy stuff. She got me more onesies and matching sockies and so many cool things. I even got some hooman baby diapers because the doggy ones made my legs sore. She got me some very cute baby outfits with matching panties to them.

Saturday evening Auntie Chrystine took mommy and daddy out to dinner and mommy left me in my new X-Pen and I was a very bad girl. I got sad and scared because my mommy was gone and I chewed a HUGE hole in mommy and daddy's livingroom carpet. It was right in the middle of the floor too. (oops I say) Mommy and daddy love me so much I didn't even get in trouble for it, mommy just said it was her fault for not putting my in the nasty little crate. To make up for it though because after mommy came home I realized that she would not leave me alone forever and I wanted to make up for destroying her carpet, I took 3 steps on my back feet. Mommy cried about it when she went to bed that night because she was so happy for me. Since that night I have done it a few more times and now I even try to stand on my back feet when I am getting a drink of water too. I think mommy is helping me to get better.

When Auntie Chrystine had to go home on Sunday it was way too soon and her and mommy both got wet eyes about it, then they laughed. We are hoping that she will come back Labor Day weekend for another longer visit.

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  1. I had such a great time, although yes, way too short, meeting you, Miss Mira Bella and your fabulous family!! We can't wait for the next visit!!

    Lots of Love,
    Auntie Chrystine


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