Thursday, July 23, 2009

My Rescue

There were a lot of people who made my rescue possible and I will mention them all by name in my next post that will be called Mira's Angels, they will all be mentioned because I want everyone to know what wonderful angels I have that have helped to save my life and to give me a good future.

I think here I should also tell you a bit about my hooparents. Hoomom is a self employed doggy trainer and a certified doggy massage therapist but with the economy in the area she lives she hasn't worked in almost a year. Hoodad had been laid off from his job for 9 months and just went back to work a month ago. They were living on hoodad's unemployment and while it kept the bills paid there were no extras so in order for them to take me in, hoomom was going to sell her car and drive the old truck so they could afford the care I would need.

Before I can tell you how I was rescued I have to tell you about Daphne. My hoomom is a member of a dachshund message board with lots of wonderful people. In April someone posted a thread about a dachshund girl on Craigslist that someone was willing to trade for a sewing machine. Can you imagine that? Trading a pet that loves you for a stupid sewing machine. Well my hoomom saw a picture of the pretty little doxie girl and had to help her so with the help of some of the people on this dachshund site the sewing machine these people wanted was purhased on Ebay and once it arrived, hoomom and hoodad drove 1200 miles round trip to get this doxie girl. Her name was Daphne and she was a very sweet pretty girl. Daphne ended up going to a forever home with a nice lady named Morgan. Now that you know about Daphne and Morgan I can tell you how I was rescued.

Morgan is on Facebook and was friends with this girl she used to go to highschool with (my old owner). Anyways this person posted on Facebook that she was going to have to have her dog put to sleep because it was paralyzed and her kid was mean to it and would sit on it and drag it around by it's ears and tail. Yes that is me the one that got sat on and dragged around. So she asked the person to give her a chance to find the dog a home. She posted about me on the dachshund site and everyone started contacting rescues, but with the bad economy all the rescues are full and there were no available foster homes. So my new hoomom said that if a way could be found to get me to Montana from Louisiana she would take me.

People on the site started making donations to get me transported on an airplane to Montana. My hooomom set up the flight for me and thought everything was going great. That same afternoon she got a phone call from the airlines that said there was an embargo on shipping pets so I could not fly to her. She posted this on the doxie site and a wonderful person came forward and volunteered her flyer miles to fly my hoomom to New Orleans and back to get me. Originally it was planned for hoomom to fly down get off the plane, get me and get back on another one and come home all in one day but the amount of time between the arriving flight and the one leaving did not give her enough time to catch the one going back home so she had to spend the night in New Orleans. This same person then got hoomom a hotel room so she had somewhere to stay for the night.

Once hoomom got to New Orleans my old owner brought me to her at the hotel she was staying at. I was very scared and worried as I didn't understand how much better my life was about to become. Once I had been there for awhile hoomom gave me a most wonderful massage and it just made me feel so loved and relaxed that I knew I had found a friend.

That night in the hotel hoomom kept putting me in a crate and I did not like it. I started screaming and crying and threw myself against the sides and door of it trying to escape and hoomom was so scared I was going to hurt myself. Then the next morning she tried it some more and I still tried to escape. I was scared and didn't understand that it was to make things better for me. So anyways hoomom was talking to one of her friends on the computer and told her what was happening and said she was going to get some benadryl that would make me drowsy and hopefully settle down in the crate.

Well her friend did an internet search and found a vet right around the corner from the hotel. So hoomom called them and they said they would get me in right away. With the time of my vet appointment it left hoomom very little time to get me checked into the airplane and get a seat so I could be up against the wall rather than on the aisle so if someone in our row had to potty they wouldn't kick my crate. So hoomom went down to the desk at the hotel and asked them if they could take us and her luggage to the vet and then pick us up there and take us to the airport. She told them she would be more than happy to pay for it so that she didn't have to carry me in my crate, her carry-on with supplies for me and her suitcase to the vet and back. The did it free of charge since they thought she was doing such a nice thing by helping me.

When we got to the vet they gave me some special pills to make me calm. Hoomom gave me one and then the nice man at the vets office said that she didn't have to pay for the office visit because she was doing such a nice thing by helping me. So instead of having to spend over 100 dollars for an emergency office visit she only had to pay 9 dollars for the pills he gave her for me. The pills did make me calmer and I no longer screamed and threw myself up against the crate but I did still cry, whine and bark.

We got to the airport and got all checked in and got a window seat so that my crate wouldn't get kicked. I was still crying in my crate and hoomom was afraid they wouldn't let me on the plane because of the noise I was making. Well they let me on and once my crate was put on the floor the vibration of the motors in the airplane lulled me to sleep and I slept all the way to Denver where we had to get on another plane to come to Montana.

We made it home safe and sound and I met my new fursibs and my hoodad.

In my next post called Mira's Angels I am going to tell you about all the wonderful people and places that were key in saving my life and getting me to my wonderful new home.

Wiggles and lick
your furry friend
Mira Bella


  1. we love you Mira!!!

    Auntie Chrystine, Uncle Luke
    Cousins Maggie, Sammy & Taurie

  2. I am so touched by your hoomom. She is the greatest!!

  3. We are so glad you got rescued.


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